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About seven weeks after the appearence of the floods, THW is still providing drinking water in the Balkans.

Drinking water supply in the Balkans continued

About seven weeks after the appearance of the devastating floods in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, THW is till supplying the population of the Serbian town of Obrenovac with drinking water. With their drinking water treatment units, volunteers of the Rapid Deployment Unit Water Supply Abroad (SEEWA) are currently producing about 35,000 litres of water a day. THW's operations will last until the end of July.
A machine operator is checking the settings of the high capacity pump.

Pump works in the Balkans completed

About three weeks after the onset of the devastating floods in the Balkans, THW has completed the pump works in Bosnia. In the course of the operations, twelve heavy-duty pumps transported about 2.1 billion litres of water in Bosnia and Serbia. This amount corresponds to roughly 560 Olympic swimming pools. In both countries, the drinking water treatment will be continued.
Due to the floods, not only buildings and streets in Bosnia are flooded but, on top of that, the drinking water is polluted.

THW-water experts on their way to Bosnia

The flood disaster in the Balkan continues; the affected states still depend on international help. First, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia asked the European partners for lifeboats, then, for high-performance pumps, which, among other suppliers, were provided by THW. Now it is drinking water that is urgently required.
Civil protection experts from different countries cooperate in the association of the International Humanitarian Partnership.

Typhoon Haiyan: end of operations for THW-technician in IHP

In the context of the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP), THW had been deployed in the Philippines since November. This week, the last THW volunteer will come back from the area of operations.
THW provides power for the Slovenian population.

Power for Slovenia

For weeks, snow and ice had a firm grip on Slovenia. Though the snow has melted, the population is still fighting against its impact. For two weeks, THW-volunteers have ensured the power supply in the region around Postojna.
Snowfall and freezing rain have lead to a standstill of the infrastructure in Slovenia.

Freezing rain in Slovenia: THW provides more generators

THW provides another five emergency power supply units (NEA) for Slovenia. Volunteers will take the units, which have a performance of between 200 to 500 kVA, to Logatec in Slovenia and will then connect them to the Slovenian network. The operations will be supported by those THW-experts who have already been deployed in the area.
Snow and freezing rain have lead to the standstill of the infrastructure in some parts of Slovenia.

Freezing rain in Slovenia: ambassador visits THW-volunteers

About four percent of the population in Slovenia is still without electricity. Meanwhile, an additional number of THW-volunteers have started their work. This afternoon, the German ambassador in Slovenia, Dr. Anna Prinz, visited THW’s sites of operation in Logatec and Postojna.
Snow and freezing rain have lead to the standstill of the infrastructure in some parts of Slovenia.

Freezing rain in Slovenia: power generators are running

Since this morning, three circuits of THW have been running in the region around Postojna in the southwest of the country. Yesterday a nine-member team arrived in Slovenia and immediately afterwards started their operations.
Thousands of liters of drinking water are distributed every day.

Typhoon Haiyan: well water is clean

The further supply of the population in the Philippines, affected by typhoon “Haiyan”, with water is ensured. Since the start of the work, THW’s water experts have produced more than 1.5 million litres of drinking water. The city and outskirts of Santa Fe on the island of Bantayan are supplied with the help of tankers.
A representative of the Bureau of Migration and Displacement opens the new road at camp Domiz.

New vehicles, new road: progress in North Iraq

In Dohuk (Autonomous Region of Kurdistan/North Iraq), THW handed over on Monday machines and vehicles for the refugee camps in the region to camp manager, Mr Edrees Koscher. Last week, THW staff had already opened a new road at camp Domiz.

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