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International Missions

Civil protection experts from different countries cooperate in the association of the International Humanitarian Partnership.

Typhoon Haiyan: end of operations for THW-technician in IHP

In the context of the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP), THW had been deployed in the Philippines since November. This week, the last THW volunteer will come back from the area of operations.
THW provides power for the Slovenian population.

Power for Slovenia

For weeks, snow and ice had a firm grip on Slovenia. Though the snow has melted, the population is still fighting against its impact. For two weeks, THW-volunteers have ensured the power supply in the region around Postojna.

International Missions

National Missions

On Thursday, a vessel with 2,400 tons of sulphuric acid capsized in front of the Loreley.

Jam at the Loreley

Currently, more than 200 vessels are waiting at the height of St. Goar to continue their journey. The reason for the blockage of the Rhine is a vessel with 2,400 tons of sulphuric acid which was damaged on Thursday and is now located across the Rhine. Due to the high water level, the waiting vessels cannot reach the coast and therefore are anchored in the Rhine. THW volunteers supply the mariners with staple foods which are becoming scarce on some of the vessels.
In Wertheim the peak of the river Main is expected on Monday evening. Parts of the town have been flooded for days.

Floods in Germany: Again Rivers burst their Banks

To pile sandbags, to control and stabilise banks, to build footbridges and to keep big and small pumps permanently running – these examples represent only some of the technical relief measures which about 1,500 THW volunteers have implemented for days across Germany. At the weekend, heavy rainfall and plus temperatures made rivers overflow in many places once again. After a short respite in the last week, THW volunteers are again deployed to fight against the water volume.

National Missions

International Exercises

Participants from ten nations are taking part in the staff exercise in Croatia.

EU-exercise in Croatia

Training in cooperation with international partners is indispensable for THW. Only by working together at an international level, the national unites can prepare for interactions in the event of a disaster. Today, on Wednesday, is the last day of THW’s training with partners from ten member states near the Croatian city of Split.
The SEEWA-experts discuss the appropriate location for the installation of the drinking water treatment unit.

For the first time, SEEWA exercised abroad

Premiere for THW’s Rapid Deployment Unit Water and Sanitation Abroad (SEEWA): at the beginning of June, the SEEWA-module “Middle” exercised an emergency case, together with an international unit. It was the first time that SEEWA took part in an exercise abroad. The exercise partner in Ranst, Belgium, was a team of the civil protection unit B-FAST (Belgian First Aid und Support Team).

International Exercises

National Exercises

Inflatable satellite devices speed up the construction.

OpEx Bravo: Communication in a crisis

Water, nutrition, medical care – after large-scale disasters, people depend on the humanitarian help of the international community. However, efficient help can only be provided when the operational teams coordinate their measures. In the context of the exercise OpEx Bravo, this week international IT and telecommunication specialists (ITC) will exercise the development and repair of communication networks for volunteers at THW’s National School in Neuhausen.
One of the international teams (left: WFP, middle: Unicef, right: Radar Australia) building a satellite system.

OpEx Bravo: Communication in the Crisis Area

In crisis areas, efficient humanitarian aid can only be provided when the international intervention teams are well connected via appropriate communication technology. At THW‘s National Training School in Neuhausen, IT and telecommunication specialists of the United Nations’ (UN) World Food Programme (WFP), Unicef and other organisations will exercise the setting up and maintenance of communication networks for rescue personnel this week. To achieve this, they will be supported by the Vodafone Foundation and the Government of Luxembourg.

National Exercises

International Events

The Federal Youth winners from Kulmbach in Tunisia.

THW-Federal Youth winners visited Tunisia

Last week, young THW-volunteers from Kulmbach took part in events connected with the World Day of Civil Protection in Tunisia. The trip for the winners of the Federal Youth Competition 2010, included a tribute to Mr Frank Schulze for his merits for civil protection.
Participants in the Steuben Parade.

THW at Steuben Parade

On Saturday, THW-Vice-President, Mr Rainer Schwierczinski, and 120 THW volunteers took part in this year’s Steuben Parade in New York. The Steuben Parade belongs to the biggest ceremonies of the Community of ethnic Germans in the USA and pays annual tribute to the contribution of the Prussian General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben to the American victory in the War of Independence.

International Events

National Events

Mr Norbert Seitz during his speech.

25 Years of THW’s Humanitarian Immediate Help

For 25 years, the Rapid Deployment Unit for Salvage Operations Abroad (SEEBA) has stood for THW’s competent and quick help after disasters abroad. Within a few hours after an alert, the SEEBA operational staff and their equipment are ready for their worldwide operations. At the weekend, the 25th anniversary was celebrated at the Centre for Logistics Abroad (ZAL) in Mainz.
The participants in the IHP-conference in Remagen.

Help association presents results

At the beginning of the week, the help association International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP) dealt in the city of Remagen near Bonn with current operations in Dolo Ado (Ethiopia) and a previous drinking water treatment mission in Pakistan. Additionally, the results of some IHP-expert groups about topics such as information management or the building of base camps were presented.

National Events

International News

The concrete and safe handling of ladders is part of the training in Tunisia.

Export hit honorary office: start of third training course in Tunisia

Since this week, more than 50 Tunisian volunteers have expressed their delight in honorary office commitment during the third training unit in Ben Arous near Tunis. Until the beginning of November, with the support of THW-staff, the volunteers will undergo THW’s basic training, aligned to local circumstances. At the launch on Monday, the German ambassador to Tunisia visited the project.
The participants in the VinCaB-project.

EU-VinCaB: Starting micro projects

The joint EU-project of civil protection and disaster management organisations as well as Red Cross societies for micro projects in South America and Kosovo is being launched. In the frame of the Volunteers in Capacity Building Projects (VinCaB), the first THW volunteer will leave for Columbia today.

International News

National News

At a round table meeting, representatives of THW and ONPC are planning the continuation of the Tunisian honorary office project.

Export hit honorary office: THW and ONPC pursue their cooperation

A delegation of four people from the Tunisian civil protection organisation ONPC is visiting THW’s management in Bonn for three days. Since Monday, together with THW’s international department, the team has been planning the continuation of the honorary office project, in particular six training courses for voluntary Tunisian experts at the locations of Sidi Bouzid, Jendouba and Ben Arous. THW supports its North African partner to build up a structure within their local civil protection, which is based on voluntary commitment.
Working with wood was also part of the training on Wednesday.

Export hit honorary office: Training for Tunisians under way

Sawing, drilling, tearing down walls: In the local section of Sinzig, THW volunteers are instructing twelve Tunisian disaster management trainers how to handle tools and equipment. On Wednesday, they exercised in a derelict house in Oberzissen. On Tuesday, THW-President, Mr Albrecht Broemme, accompanied by THW’s Federal spokesman, Mr Frank Schulze, visited the guests from Tunisia.

National News

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