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Volunteers prepare for a pumping exercise.

Every day, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief is active in Germany and across the world. Altogether, the voluntary experts commit more than one million hours per year to civil protection. On the following pages, you can find information about the activities of THW.


THW escorts 112 vehicles with aid supplies to the Ukranian border and takes over custom services. Before crossing the border, thw convoy takes a break.

THW supports the German aid supply transport to the Ukraine

In view of the approaching winter in the Ukraine and the suffering of many people, above all in the east of the country, Germany is delivering further support. THW supported the aid supply transport of the Federal Government, which comprised the contents of 112 lorries.
With exercises such as EuLuxModEx 2014, the European disaster management organisations strengthen trans-national cooperation.

EuLuxModEx: Storms and flooding in Luxembourg

Heavy rainfall, flooding and storms – these were the challenges with which the participants in the international exercise “EuLuxModEx 2014” were confronted in Luxembourg's Echternach last weekend. More than 100 international volunteers from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Slovakia took part in the trans-national training.
From a swimming work platform, the THW volunteers retrieved a sunken boat.

Germans and Poles practising trans-national cooperation

Last weekend, THW volunteers set off for two German-Polish exercises. During a fictitious massive accident with several cars and lorries at the border post of Swiecko on the A 12, the volunteers found, among others, several persons who were trapped in a car wreck. On the other hand, about 130 THW experts were confronted with several different scenarios, when they took part in the large-scale exercise “WODA 2014”, together with the Polish fire brigade in Borne Sulinowo (Woiwodschaft West Pomerania).

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As a partner in civil protection in Germany, THW assists people after catastrophes and accidents. The Federal Agency performs its legal mission not only in Germany but also during operations across the world in more than 100 countries now.

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Hochwasserübung in Köln - zwei THW-Helfer bauen einen Schutzdamm auf.

Preparation is everything, because accidents and catastrophes can neither be predicted nor planned. Therefore, it is important to be well trained and ready any time.

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"THW Day" in Chemnitz 2009 - one of the biggest events in THW history.

Activities across Germany, project events, information forums or trade fairs – here you can find current reports about events concerning the participation of THW in Germany and across the world.

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The women from THW-local branch Bremen.

Current results of co-operations with new partners, research projects, ground-breaking agreements and much more. Here you learn what moves the world of THW.

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