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All press releases of THW and of the Federal Ministry of the Interior with reference to the Federal Agency for Technical Relief at a glance.

Heavy flooding in Orasje.

Help for the Balkan: start of pump works in Bosnia

For days, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have suffered from devastating floods. A THW-team of about 20 experts from Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland has now arrived in Bosnia and is going to start its work. Meanwhile, two further units from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are on their way to the disaster areas in the Balkan.
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Water on: the pumps are running.

Help for the Balkan: pumps in Serbia operating

The situation in Serbia and Bosnia remains critical. The population is still fighting against the floods. About 30 kilometres southwest of the Serbian capital of Belgrad, THW has started to operate the pumps in the region of Kolubara.
THW-experts in Mainz setting off for Bosnia.

Floods in South-East Europe: THW extends support to Bosnia

Bosnia is currently experiencing the worst flood for 120 years. Therefore, heavy-duty pumps are urgently needed for the fight against the body of water. On behalf of the Federal Government, THW is sending a special team to the Bosnian flood area today. Another unit is already on its way to Serbia, which is also affected by floods.
THW-experts making preparations for their deployment in the flood area.

Help for Serbia: THW on their way to flood area

Heavy and continuous rainfall has caused serious flooding in East Central Europe and South Europe. Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are particularly badly affected. Several hundred people already had to leave their houses. On behalf of the Federal Government, THW is sending a 15-strong team to Serbia today to combat the floods. Prior to that, the Serbian Government had addressed a request for help to the European Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) in Brussels.
Heavy freezing rainfall caused power failures in Slovenia. THW has been deployed to provide support.

Freezing rain in Slovenia: THW provides emergency power

After heavy snowfall and freezing rain, the electricity has broken down in more than 80,000 households in northwest Slovenia. As the first international team, nine THW experts, equipped with three emergency power units, arrived at the town of Logatec in the early morning hours.

THW-drinking water experts on their way to Cebu

“The people in the Philippines are in urgent need of help. With the deployment of our volunteers by the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr Friedrich, and our technology, we want to contribute to mitigate the suffering in the affected areas”, said THW’s Vice-President, Mr Gerd Friedsam, in Berlin today on Wednesday. In the middle of the day, 17 THW volunteers will set off to the crisis area from Frankfurt and Berlin. There they will supply the population with drinking water, repair destroyed water systems and restore the infrastructure.
The material is packed for the operations

Fresh drinking water for the Philippines

Upon request of the Federal Minister of the Interior, Mr Hans-Peter Friedrich, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief will send two drinking water treatment units, a laboratory for the examination of water quality as well as tools for emergency repairs of the infrastructure to the Philippine crisis region. The 19 THW-experts will start on Wednesday.
From Rodgau in Hessen, THW transported at the weekend 20 tons of relief items provided by the relief organisation World Vision to the airport in Frankfurt.

Typhoon Haiyan: THW-team starts work

Last night, THW’s preliminary team arrived in the Philippine capital of Manila. On behalf of the Foreign Office, the five-man team is now supporting the German embassy in assessing the situation and relief possibilities to be carried out by the Federal Government. Furthermore, the THW experts are evaluating the operational options for THW.
Meanwhile, THW’s commitment in the camp of al Za´atari (picture) has been completed. THW volunteers are now supporting the setting up of a second camp.

Technical-logistical support for people in need

On the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day of 19 August, THW-Vice-President, Mr Gerd Friedsam, remembers the world-wide commitment of volunteers to people in need. “The World Day recalls crises such as in Syria even more strongly. So far, more than half a million people have fled to Jordan alone. There, THW does its utmost to improve the living conditions of the refugees by providing technical and logistical support”, said Mr Friedsam.
The floods have caused disastrous long-term effects in the communities.

River floods 2013: All THW-operations are completed

During the last six weeks, altogether more than 16,000 THW-experts have operated across an area which reaches from Bavaria to the North Sea. THW-President, Mr Albrecht Broemme gives a positive review: “With respect to the river floods, we have fulfilled our tasks and shown that the population can rely on THW.“

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