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Due to the floods, not only buildings and streets in Bosnia are flooded but, on top of that, the drinking water is polluted.

THW-water experts on their way to Bosnia

The flood disaster in the Balkan continues; the affected states still depend on international help. First, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia asked the European partners for lifeboats, then, for high-performance pumps, which, among other suppliers, were provided by THW. Now it is drinking water that is urgently required.
Heavy flooding in Orasje.

Help for the Balkan: start of pump works in Bosnia

For days, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have suffered from devastating floods. A THW-team of about 20 experts from Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland has now arrived in Bosnia and is going to start its work. Meanwhile, two further units from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are on their way to the disaster areas in the Balkan.
Water on: the pumps are running.

Help for the Balkan: pumps in Serbia operating

The situation in Serbia and Bosnia remains critical. The population is still fighting against the floods. About 30 kilometres southwest of the Serbian capital of Belgrad, THW has started to operate the pumps in the region of Kolubara.

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