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We make every effort to ensure that the information provided here is correct, complete, current, understandable and available at all times. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make the following disclaimer.

The contents of the Internet pages of serve the purpose of facilitating access of the public to information and current news of the Federal Agency THW and of giving a correct picture of the operations, exercises, events and developments. We pay careful attention to the accuracy, relevance, completeness, comprehensibility and permanent availability of the provided information.
Nevertheless, the following modifications have to be made:

1. Contents of other providers:
The editorial staff of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief has created the links on these pages to contents of Internet pages from other providers ("external sites") to their best knowledge and with the utmost care. They simply allow access to “external sites”. By doing this, special attention was paid to the trustworthiness of the other providers as well as the accuracy and legality of the “external sites”.
However, as the content of Internet pages is dynamic and can change any time, the ongoing individual audit of contents to which a link was created was not always possible. Therefore, THW explicitly does not adopt the contents of Internet pages from third parties, which are linked to its own Internet presence, as its own. Solely the respective provider of the page to which was referred is liable for damages which result from the use of or inability to use “external sites”.

2. THW’s contents:
As far as the contents, created on these pages, contain legal rules, official information, recommendations or advice, they have been created to our best knowledge and with utmost care. In case of discrepancies, however, only the current official version is valid as it is published by the relevant official publication institution. Possible legal information, recommendations and advice are without commitment; legal advice is not given.
For the information provided the following limitation of liability is valid: THW is not liable for damage which results from the use of or inability to use the provided information. THW cannot be made liable for possible damage which results from computer viruses during the access or download of data or the installation and use of software.

3. Error messages:
The editorial staff would appreciate it if the users of pointed them to illegal or faulty contents from third parties to which a link exists on the Internet presence. Likewise, we ask you to send us a message under the stated contact address if your own contents are not accurate, current, complete and comprehensible.

Data protection:
Basically, the use of THW’s web offer without disclosure of personal information is possible.
When you send us an email, this message and your email address is only used for corresponding with you. The storage of public inquiries in paper as well as in electronic form is done according to the valid statutory period for the storage of written documents of the registry regulation which completes the Joint Rules and Regulations of the Federal Ministries (GGO).

With each access to our servers, data are stored for statistical and safety reasons. Here, we register the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, date and time as well as the website, which you access on THW, for only a limited amount of time. These data are only used to improve our Internet service and are not evaluated to be traced back to you. We reserve the right to prompt the derivation of personal data with the help of individual data records in case of serious violation of our terms of use and of illegal access or access attempts to our servers.

Except as noted otherwise, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW management) has the copyright for texts and pictures.
Texts, text components, diagrams, charts or graphic material which are provided on the THW web pages, must not be copied, distributed and exhibited without prior consent of THW.

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