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 THW Water Damage / Pumping technical units with 15 heavy-duty pumps have been in action since September 13, supplying the firefighting efforts with 15,000 litres of water per minute – or 250 litres per second.

High-capacity logistics at the moorland wildfire in Meppen

About 530 THW operatives are currently in action helping to combat a wildfire on the site of the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition (WTD 91) in Meppen. Many of them have been there for a week already. The main tasks for the THW volunteers include securing the water supply for the firefighters, as well as supplying and catering for various organisations’ operative units in a large field camp.
more: High-capacity logistics at the moorland wildfire in Meppen …
During the Basic Training, the future volunteer civil protection operatives learned the basic techniques they will need.

Twelfth Basic Training in Tunisia completed

Lighting up operational areas, shifting loads, or working with cutters and splayers: all of these skills were being practiced in the twelfth Basic Training course in Tunisia, which came to an end last week. At the same time there was a Team Management Course (TMC) taking place on the issue of flooding.
For two weeks the future volunteers practiced the basic skills and knowledge necessary to carry out missions.

Volunteerism as an export success

Voluntary and paid full-time operatives working together side by side: last weekend saw the successful conclusion of the eleventh Basic Training for civil protection volunteers in Tunisia. The two-week course was carried out with assistance from the THW and provided 45 trainee volunteers with the key skills they need for their future operations.
Setting up of beds is only one of the manifold tasks of THW volunteers in refugee assistance.

Refugee aid: Around 11,500 THW volunteers in action so far

Around 11,500 THW volunteers have been providing refugee assistance in more than 300 locations across Germany. They have put in more than 106,000 hours of work, making it one of the largest THW operations in Germany since the organisation was founded. Thanks to its wide array of capabilities, THW can provide diverse support to the requesting authorities – federal states, districts, cities, town councils and aid agencies.
THW volunteers supported the refugee assistance in Germany, for example in Regensburg.

THW continues to provide refugee assistance at home

In the last weeks, hundreds of volunteers from THW have repeatedly supported the construction of refugee camps in Germany. In many Federal Länder the capacities for emergency accommodation still have to be expanded at short notice. As part of administrative assistance, the volunteers perform a wide range of tasks.
Operational staff from different countries exercised how to cooperate during an operation.

International USAR-exercise in France

In Bockange, France, about 300 operational staff from Germany, France and Luxemburg exercised on Thursday how to cooperate during an earthquake operation. The exercise was part of an international USAR (Urban Search and Rescue)-exercise. The large-scale exercise completed a three-day training course for managers. On behalf of Germany, THW-experts from the local sections of Saarbrücken and Heusweiler took part in the exercise.
With the help of the laser-aided security system for operational scenes (ESS), THW monitored the ruin which was close to collapse.

THW supports Rescue Work after the Collapse of a Residential Building

After the explosion of a residential building in Brühl near Cologne, THW supported the fire brigade in searching for four missed residents in the collapsed building. Around 60 THW men and women from nine local sections were deployed.
In many places, THW-volunteers had to pump dry flooded cellars.

Flood Operations after Low Carmen

Flooding, flooded streets and cellars, rails awash – at the weekend, low Carmen kept the west and north of Germany busy. About 50 local sections and 600 volunteers worked under intense pressure against the water volume which the low pressure area entailed.
More than 300 THW-volunteers are fighting against the body of water in the south of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.

Situation in Flood Areas still critical

More than 320 THW-volunteers spent Reunification Day in the south of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt to fight against the body of water there. The situation is still critical. The water level of the Schwarze Elster goes down only slowly. The body of water presses against the soaked river banks; a good number of sites, which are saturated, had to be repaired.

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