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 THW Water Damage / Pumping technical units with 15 heavy-duty pumps have been in action since September 13, supplying the firefighting efforts with 15,000 litres of water per minute – or 250 litres per second.

High-capacity logistics at the moorland wildfire in Meppen

About 530 THW operatives are currently in action helping to combat a wildfire on the site of the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition (WTD 91) in Meppen. Many of them have been there for a week already. The main tasks for the THW volunteers include securing the water supply for the firefighters, as well as supplying and catering for various organisations’ operative units in a large field camp.
more: High-capacity logistics at the moorland wildfire in Meppen …
The THW members are experts in coordination, command and logistics.

THW: German Crisis Support Team Deployed to the USA

This Monday evening, the German federal government deployed a crisis support team to the USA to provide assistance to the German and European citizens affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida. Its members include ten THW operatives, both full-time staff and volunteers.
In a workshop, women learn how to use the tools and technique provided by the tool hire service.

DIY in Kurdistan

In the refugee camp in Arbat, northern Iraq, a service recently started to hire out tools for DIY purposes. It is operated by the THW together with UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency). As part of the opening celebrations, the THW ran workshops specifically aimed at training women how to use the tools. These workshops have been continued every week since.
THW volunteers transport beds to a refugee camp in Hörstel (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Assistance for refugees and internally displaced people

In the Middle East, THW operatives have been providing assistance to refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) since 2013, and in 2014 they also started providing aid to refugees in Germany. Worldwide there are 60 million displaced people fleeing war, conflict and persecution. The numbers were never as high as they are today. Many have fled to Europe, but even more remain within the borders of their country – internally displaced.
Throughout Germany THW forces support the construction of refugee camps.

Refugee aid: A lot to do

Almost 60 millions of people across the world are displaced or have involuntarily left their home. The reasons why people flee their country are manifold. Volunteers from the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) have contributed their share to improve the situation of refugees in Germany and the Middle East. The multitude of competences, which are required from THW, ranges from setting up tents to logistic tasks.
In the German Heidenrod the THW volunteers took over both the catering of the refugees as well as of the volunteers in October.

Refugee aid: More than 13,000 THW volunteers deployed

Refugee aid is a challenging task and one of the largest operations in the history of THW. About 13,200 THW volunteers have been deployed so far to take up the challenge. In October, about 220,000 refugees came to Europe across the Mediterranean. As yet this has been the largest number to be recorded in one month. The volunteers are preparing many refugee shelters for the winter.
Setting up of beds is only one of the manifold tasks of THW volunteers in refugee assistance.

Refugee aid: Around 11,500 THW volunteers in action so far

Around 11,500 THW volunteers have been providing refugee assistance in more than 300 locations across Germany. They have put in more than 106,000 hours of work, making it one of the largest THW operations in Germany since the organisation was founded. Thanks to its wide array of capabilities, THW can provide diverse support to the requesting authorities – federal states, districts, cities, town councils and aid agencies.
THW volunteers supported the refugee assistance in Germany, for example in Regensburg.

THW continues to provide refugee assistance at home

In the last weeks, hundreds of volunteers from THW have repeatedly supported the construction of refugee camps in Germany. In many Federal Länder the capacities for emergency accommodation still have to be expanded at short notice. As part of administrative assistance, the volunteers perform a wide range of tasks.
The recently opened bridge crosses a dry riverbed which often carries huge amounts of water in winter.

THW completes operations in Jordan

For three years, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) contributed to setting up camps for Syrian refugees in Jordan and carried out maintenance work. The work of the THW volunteers in the desert ended last week with a ceremonial opening of a 60-metre long steel bridge in al Azraq.
The refugee camp of Basirma in the region of Kurdistan-Iraq. There, among other things, THW worked on drainage and sewers.

North Iraq: refugee camps grow further

Sub-zero temperatures, rain fall and snow – the winter does not even stop in front of the desert in North Iraq. It makes the life of the Syrian refugees and the internally displaced Iraqi, who have taken refuge there, even more difficult. Among other things, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief contributes to making the camps winter firm.
As lots of houses were destroyed by the floods, people are looking for shelter in temporary camps that have been set up in schools or churches.

THW expert in Malawi

Last Friday, THW sent an expert in the field of information and communication technology to the south-east African country of Malawi. There, for three weeks, he will support international relief organisations in their fight against flooding.  
A THW volunteer repairing an all-terrain vehicle in Ghana.

Ebola epidemic: a provisional assessment

In West Africa several states are still fighting against Ebola. For more than four months, THW has participated in the international aid operations by contributing their technical-logistical expertise. These efforts are already showing their first sign of success. This fact was also confirmed by the Special Representative of the Federal Government, Mr Walter Lindner, when he visited THW's operational staff in Sierra Leone.
Camp 50 in the Ebola free country of Benin is set up.

Ebola epidemic: progress of THW operations

By now, THW has been active in West Africa for more than six weeks and has provided its logistical-technical contribution in the fight against the Ebola epidemic. Since the beginning of the operations, much has happened. Thus, for example, THW carried out numerous procurements in Ghana, set up several camps in Sierra Leone, performed technical maintenance work, developed a satellite communication system or supported the coordination of international aid. To date, altogether about 30 THW volunteers have been deployed.
Besides camp equipment, the relief goods include THW emergency vehicles.

THW is shipping relief goods to West Africa for the fight against Ebola

Today the Federal Agency for Technical Relief is carrying out a relief goods transport to Sierra Leone. Besides THW equipment, goods for the German Red Cross are also transported.
THW intensifies its activities in the fight against Ebola.

Ebola-Epidemic: THW sends operational personnel to West Africa

On behalf of the Federal Government, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief intensifies its activities in the fight against Ebola. Altogether seven THW experts are now providing technical-logistical support in West Africa for international aid operations. On Tuesday, six volunteers left for Ghana. Four of them will later on travel as a technical team to Sierra Leone. One volunteer has already been deployed in the Guinean capital of Conakry since the last weekend.
A Jordan staff member from THW (l.) is discussing the work at hand with inhabitants of the Camp of al Azraq.

Camp al Azraq: A city in the desert

Approximately six months after it was opened, about 15,000 Syrian civil war refugees live in Camp al Azraq in Jordan. The work of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is making progress, whilst more and more people are arriving at the camp.
The two THW reconaissance teams completed their work in West Africa.

Ebola epidemic: THW's investigators back from West Africa

In the last few days, the two reconnaissance teams from THW returned from West Africa to Germany. On behalf of the Federal Government, since the beginning of October, they had investigated on site how THW can support the fight against the Ebola epidemic.
THW is sending a second reconnaissance team to Ghana. There, THW volunteers are investigating further deployment options.

Ebola-epidemic: THW now also explores Ghana

On behalf of the Federal Government, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) sent yesterday a second reconnaissance team from Frankfurt to West Africa. The aim of the two THW forces is Accra in Ghana. Thus, today marks the start of THW's potential deployment options in Ghana after having already been active in Senegal, in a crisis region which has been hit by the Ebola epidemic.
THW is sending a reconnaissance team to Senegal. There the volunteers are examining the support possibilities of THW.

Ebola epidemic: THW sends reconnaissance team

The Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) helps fight against the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. On behalf of the Federal Government, a two-man reconnaissance team set off from Frankfurt to Senegal yesterday. Today the THW experts arrived in Dakar.
In a national staff exercise, THW exercises an emergency case.

THW exercises emergency case across Germany

On Wednesday, more than 1,000 THW-volunteers were virtually active to exercise a humanitarian emergency operation after a serious earthquake abroad. At Bonn’s headquarters, regional offices and offices, all management and coordination staffs were mobilised. That means that during the exercise actually about 250 full-time THW-employees and collaborators exercised an emergency case across Germany.
THW-volunteers from three local sections support Luxembourg’s civil protection.

Luxembourg: Falling water level threatens fish

Fish mortality in the Sauer: From Monday to Tuesday, the water level of the border river between Luxembourg and Germany decreased by almost two metres. Since Tuesday, THW has been deployed in Steinheim, Luxembourg. By means of large mobile pumps, they stabilise the water level of a river arm and oxygenate the water. Clean-up operations at a barrage in Rosport (Luxembourg) caused the fall of the water level.
Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW)

Explosion on Cyprus: THW sends out technology experts

On Saturday, THW sent out three experts to Cyprus for the technical and logistical support of an EU-team. Last Monday, several heavy explosions at the naval base of Evangelos Florakis damaged a nearby power station, which caused power cuts in many parts of the island.
Even after the floods clean drinking water is the most valuable commodity

THW: Mission in Pakistan completed

Who remembers the serious floods in Pakistan? Since July 2010, about 14 million people have suffered from the impact of the monsoon rain. After nine months, the THW-mission in Pakistan was completed yesterday. Recently, THW operated in the country as part of the relief association International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP). Another task of THW in Pakistan was the treatment of drinking water.
With the help of the laser-aided security system for operational scenes (ESS), THW monitored the ruin which was close to collapse.

THW supports Rescue Work after the Collapse of a Residential Building

After the explosion of a residential building in Brühl near Cologne, THW supported the fire brigade in searching for four missed residents in the collapsed building. Around 60 THW men and women from nine local sections were deployed.
THW volunteers disinfecting vehicles.

Bird Flu: Mission completed

Last weekend saw the end of operations for the disinfection stations in the rural districts of Erlangen-Höchstadt, Schwandorf and Dingolfing-Landau. Ten THW local sections had been operating the stations as part of the measures to prevent the spread of avian influenza (bird flu).

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