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Syria Crisis: Water for Refugees in Jordan

The situation in Syria had gradually deteriorated. More and more people leave the country and seek refuge in the neighbouring states. THW supports the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in supplying a refugee camp in Jordan with water. THW’s contribution to the provision of the refugees is financed by the Foreign Office.

Since Friday, in cooperation with local companies, the first water tanks have been filled with drinking water in the refugee camp near the Jordanian town of Za´atari. Furthermore, sanitary facilities were set up in the camp. At the moment, about 3,000 people can be taken into the camp. Altogether, the camp can be expanded to an area of 9 km² – that corresponds to a size of 1,200 football pitches. It should then be possible to fit in up to 140,000 people.

Since April, THW has supported the German Embassy in the Jordanian capital of Amman in assessing the humanitarian situation on site. With the increase in the flow of refugees on the weekend before last, THW was commissioned, on behalf of the Foreign Office, by the Federal Ministry of the Interior to support the preparations for the construction of refugee camps in cooperation with Jordanian authorities and relief organisations. To achieve this, a THW team of five organised a camp construction course in the Jordanian capital of Amman, together with UNHCR. The target group of this training consisted of national institutions as well as national and international organisations.

THW is the emergency response organisation of the Federal Republic of Germany in civil protection. 99 per cent of its work is supported by volunteers. Thanks to its technical expertise and special equipment, THW is an important partner of the fire brigade, police and other relief organisations in Germany, Europe and worldwide. THW is part of the German contribution to the European Mechanism and provides technical-humanitarian aid at international level. In the last six decades, THW has operated in more than 130 countries across the world by taking part in humanitarian immediate help, projects and relief supply transports.

  • Backfill of the substructure for the water bubbles. (show image)

  • On the weekend, the French ambassador, Ms Corinne Breuzé, was on site. On the occasion of her visit, THW-staff and UNHCR-members informed her about water supply and treatment in the camp.  (show image)

  • THW-staff and members of UNHCR explored the territory near the border to Syria. (show image)

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