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Second Basic Training with Jordanian volunteers, covering theory and practical skills.

Second Basic Training for volunteers in Jordan

September 19 saw the successful conclusion of the second two-week Basic Training ever to be held in Jordan for volunteer civil protection operatives. This training course was part of the ongoing fruitful cooperation between the THW and Jordanian Civil Defense (JCD), which is being funded by the German Foreign Office.
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The recently opened bridge crosses a dry riverbed which often carries huge amounts of water in winter.

THW completes operations in Jordan

For three years, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) contributed to setting up camps for Syrian refugees in Jordan and carried out maintenance work. The work of the THW volunteers in the desert ended last week with a ceremonial opening of a 60-metre long steel bridge in al Azraq.
A Jordan staff member from THW (l.) is discussing the work at hand with inhabitants of the Camp of al Azraq.

Camp al Azraq: A city in the desert

Approximately six months after it was opened, about 15,000 Syrian civil war refugees live in Camp al Azraq in Jordan. The work of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is making progress, whilst more and more people are arriving at the camp.
Meanwhile, almost 10,000 Syrians live in Camp al Azraq.

Syria crisis: Camp al Azraq is growing

Only a few weeks ago, the refugee camp of al Azraq in the Jordan desert was deserted. Meanwhile, almost 10,000 Syrian have moved into their temporary accommodation – an end to this influx of refugees is not in sight. Every day, up to 600 new refugees arrive at the camp, who are supplied with drinking water by THW.
The head of the UNHCR sub-office Dohuk, Ms Tanya Kareem (l.), and Mr Marinus Baumann (THW, r.) gave the Green politician, Ms Claudia Roth, a guided tour through the refugee camp of Domiz.

Syria crisis: Claudia Roth visits refugee camps

On Friday, the Vice-President of the German Bundestag, Ms Claudia Roth, visited the refugee camp of Domiz in the region of Kurdistan-Iraq. There she obtained some information about the living conditions of the refugees and the progress of THW’s activities in the camp.
Thousands of buildings and containers in Azraq are prepaired and ready for use.

Operation mission in Jordan extended

The refugee camp in al Azraq in Jordan still resembles a ghost town. The core of the camp in the middle of a desert, however, is completed. The more the opening date is delayed, the more opportunities for those responsible to optimise the infrastructure at the camp arise: under certain circumstances, the facilities must last for several years until people have the opportunity to return to their home.
Jordan workers support the construction work in the Azraq camp.

Syria crisis: Infrastructure must function

The focus of an exploration by THW, which is currently taking place in the Kurdish regions of Erbil, Dohuk and Suleymaniah, is on the construction and development of the Syrian refugee camp in the North of Iraq. At the request of the Foreign Office, a three-man THW-team has been on the site to sort out support possibilities for authorities on site, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), as well as the United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF). Meanwhile, work at the still uninhabited refugee camp in the Jordan desert near Azraq has made good progress.
Meanwhile, THW’s commitment in the camp of al Za´atari (picture) has been completed. THW volunteers are now supporting the setting up of a second camp.

Technical-logistical support for people in need

On the occasion of the World Humanitarian Day of 19 August, THW-Vice-President, Mr Gerd Friedsam, remembers the world-wide commitment of volunteers to people in need. “The World Day recalls crises such as in Syria even more strongly. So far, more than half a million people have fled to Jordan alone. There, THW does its utmost to improve the living conditions of the refugees by providing technical and logistical support”, said Mr Friedsam.
View of the camp area.

Syria crisis: Camp development making progress

The influx of refugees from Syria to the neighbouring countries does not stop. About 100,000 refugees are living now in the camp of al Za´atari near the Syrian-Jordan border. The team of THW has been continuously working to improve the living conditions of the refugees in the tent town.
Ambassador, Mr Ralph Tarraf (second from the right) got up to speed about the situation in the refugee camp.

Syria crisis: ambassador, Mr Tarraf visits camp

Together with members from UNICEF, the German ambassador in Jordan, Mr Ralph Tarraf, visited on Monday the refugee camp of al Za’atari in the Jordan-Syrian border area. The delegation was briefed about the current situation by THW-staff on site and visited different parts of the camp.
Above all, the older parts of the camp were affected by the rain. Therefore, THW’s staff tried their very best to make the camp weather-proof.

Syria crisis: bad weather impairs living conditions

Al Za’atari, Jordan. To some extent, the living conditions of the Syrian refugees in Jordan are dramatic. Heavy rainfall and the onset of winter in the Near East have led to the worsening of the general situation. “We try our very best to make the camp more weather-proof”, says THW’s head of operations in Jordan, Ms Veronika Wolf. Near the Jordan-Syrian border, THW has supported the setting up of a refugee camp, which is meant to give shelter to up to 60,000 people.
With the help of local staff, THW- personnel are laying drainage systems in the refugee camp in Jordan.

Syria crisis: THW makes camp winter proof

In the summer up to 40 degrees in the shade, in the winter sub-zero temperatures in some places and snow fall – the Jordanian climate is characterised by big contrasts. Since July, a camp for Syrian refugees has been set up near the town of Za’atari. After a summer with a lot of heat, THW is preparing the tent town for the cold season.
JHAS-Vice-President, Mr Qais Jaradat, and THW-project coordinator, Mr Andreas Heinrich, during the handing over of the ambulance vehicles.

Syria crisis: Micro-projects completed

With THW’s official handing over of three ambulance vehicles to the Jordan relief organisation Jordan Health Aid Society (JHAS), three micro-projects could be completed in Jordan. Besides the ambulance vehicles, a generator for the provision of emergency power at the hospital of Dleil was also handed over.
In the Jordan refugee camp, refugees support the extension work in the camp.

Syria crisis: camp inhabitants contribute to building activities

Logistical challenges are the order of the day during the extension measures at the refugee camp near the Jordan town of al Za´atari. Within eight weeks, THW had sanitary units with 380 toilets installed. Under the direction and supervision of THW, Jordan enterprises are building 160 kitchen units for the camp. Each of these units includes two kitchens. The activities are supported by Syrian refugees.
The Federal Foreign Minister, Mr Guido Westerwelle, together with the THW-team.

Syria Crisis: Mr Westerwelle visits THW-Team

Yesterday, the Federal Foreign Minister, Mr Guido Westerwelle, and his Jordan counterpart, Mr Nasser Judeh, visited the refugee camp al Za’atari in the Jordan-Syrian border area. Mr Westerwelle was impressed by the performance of the THW-team and assured further support. In the presence of the ministers, UNHCR and THW signed a contract about the construction of kitchen units.
Children in the camp: THW supports UNHCR and UNICEF in expanding the camp.

Syria Crisis: Everyday Life under unusual Circumstances

The tent town in the middle of the Jordan desert is growing. Three quarters of the altogether 160 planned sanitary facilities in the refugee camp near the Jordan town of Za´atari were completed. More than 12,000 refugees have already been registered.
Having a discussion: UNICEF-representative, Mr Michele Servadei (l.), Federal Development Minister, Mr Dirk Niebel (middle) and THW-Head of Operations, Mr Stephan Mack (r.).

Syria Crisis: Federal Minister, Mr Niebel visits Refugee Camp

The refugee camp near the Jordan town of Za´atari has not yet reached its full size. At the moment, more than 6,500 refugees are living in the camp town – their number is increasing on a day-to-day basis. On monday the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mr Dirk Niebel, visited the camp and was briefed, among other things, about the work of THW.
A tent town: the camp near the Jordan town of Za´atari.

Syria Crisis: Extension Work in Camp continues

In the middle of the Jordan desert, a huge camp for Syrian refugees is being built with the support of THW. The extension work near the Jordan town of Za´atari is progressing: the first permanent sanitary facilities are fully operating, more will follow. Daily, THW provides more than 180,000 litres of water to meanwhile 4,000 refugees, who were received at the camp.
Signing of the contract: the President of the Jordan Health Aid Society (JHAS), Dr. Yaroup Ajlouni, and THW’s project coordinator on site.

Syria Crisis: THW supports Jordan Relief Organisations

THW staff are not only sought after to expand the refugee camp near the Jordan town of Za´atari, but also in the capital of Amman. There, THW supports Jordan relief organisations to implement projects. The tasks include the supply of Syrian refugees with food and first-aid kits.
In Jordan, THW-volunteers support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in building a camp.

Syria Crisis: Tent Camp opened in Jordan

A huge tent camp, in the middle of the desert, and built up within a short time: yesterday the first big refugee camp was opened in Jordan near the Jordanian town of Za´atari. THW supports the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in operating and expanding the camp. The tent camp is to accommodate more than 120,000 refugees.
More THW-volunteers arrived in Jordan to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Za´atari.

Syria Crisis: Arrival of more THW-Volunteers in Jordan

“Sand, as far as the eye can reach, on average more than 40 degrees, and the Syrian border is less than 10 kilometres from here”, reports THW-head of operations, Mr Stephan Mack, from Jordan. In Za´atari, Mr Mack and his team support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in building a town consisting of tents – a camp for up to 140,000 refugees. This is a logistical performance of the highest order. Therefore, more THW-volunteers arrived in Jordan today.
THW-staff and members of UNHCR explored the territory near the border to Syria.

Syria Crisis: Water for Refugees in Jordan

The situation in Syria had gradually deteriorated. More and more people leave the country and seek refuge in the neighbouring states. THW supports the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in supplying a refugee camp in Jordan with water. THW’s contribution to the provision of the refugees is financed by the Foreign Office.
On Monday, THW-staff and members of the UNHCR explored the territory near the border to Syria.

Syria crisis: THW supports UNHCR

Against the background of the crisis in the Arabic country, the neighbouring countries of Syria react to the increasing flow of refugees. In Jordan, THW supports the preparation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in building refugee camps.

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