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Erich Raabe (73), Hamburg-Nord

“Too old? Such a thing doesn’t exist at THW. “

Erich Raabe, HamburgSource: THW

36 years ago, a friend convinced me to join THW– a step which I have never regretted to this day. There are so many exciting things which you can experience here. Whether training, exercises, evenings with comrades or operations, it simply never becomes boring.

Since my professional retirement some years ago I’ve been able to develop at THW. Thus, since 2004, every year, I have accompanied relief goods transportations with medical-technical equipment to the Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. It can happen that I accumulate 1,000 official hours per year.

Once I was asked how I would explain THW to somebody who has never heard of it. I wouldn’t be able to do this in words. I would simply recommend him to go to the nearest local section and to have a look at the thousand reasons. I found them 36 years ago. 

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