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Hamzeh Samara (21), OV Bonn

“That was only the beginning!”

Hamzeh Samara

I had my first experiences with THW in a youth group. There I started with stitches, bandages and knotting. Since then I’ve been allowed to do welding and thermal cutting, have completed radio and sanitary training and I’m also a vehicle driver and SCBA wearer.

So far the biggest operation has been the collapse of the Cologne City Archives. In the first days we were on site day and night to build up the operational truss system, to illuminate, together with other local sections, the scene of the accident and to support the salvage of the archival documents. That was an operation which has shown the importance of thorough training and above all team work. To rely on the other one but also to guarantee that the other one can rely on me – that’s what it takes to help each other in a team.

In the six years of my work at THW I’ve seen and learned a lot, I’ve found new friends and experienced what it means when you can help other people. At THW I’ve become an adult. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning of my career at THW. I’m curious to learn what the future will bring.

Date: 2011.01.03

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