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Markus Mexner (48), Schwelm

"Emergency aid with drinking water"

„Toller Empfang nach Ebola-Einsatz“

Clean drinking water is vital. For us in Germany, it is almost taken for granted. However, after large-scale disasters abroad, it often is the most important item which is missing. For such cases, THW has the Rapid Deployment Unit Water and Sanitation Abroad (SEEWA). With modern equipment and a lot of know-how in drinking water treatment, laboratory analysis, water distribution and the repair of infrastructure, it helps the local people and can rescue lives.

For me, the work with SEEWA is an exciting additional task to my commitment at the local section.  Each assignment abroad is a special challenge, which brings me experiences. In turn, I can include them in my professional life. The training events and exercises of SEEWA have a high quality and are characterised by great comradeship.

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