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Stefanie Kramer (28), Wolfen-Bitterfeld

“The fascination with helping runs in our family.”

THW-Helferin Stefanie Kramer

It was my father who has passed on the THW virus to me. He joined THW one month before me and was so delighted that he simply took me with him. Afterwards, I didn’t hesitate, the decision was quickly made: I’ll become a THW volunteer! Since then almost eight years have passed by and now I’m a platoon leader. I mean I’m the representative of the platoon leader. It is a position which both challenges and develops me and my skills. I’ve learned to assert myself, to become aware of my limits in order to overcome them, every now and then.

Today I know how to fell trees, how to abseil down building walls and how to drive a lorry. All these are activities which I’d probably never have undertaken. However, the special aspect about THW is for me the help which I can give to other people. People who are affected by floods, whose house collapsed or who have to wait on the motorway for hours because everything has come to a standstill due to snow chaos. To help these people, to see their gratitude when we succeeded in holding the bank or towing the car out of the snow drift – such moments keep me at THW. It is true that I joined THW because of my father but it is the fascination with helping which encourages me to stay.

Date: 2011.01.03

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